The refuge has a restaurant with seating capacity of around 250 with a panoramic view of the Veneto plain and the Dolomites, a bar and a room for packed lunches. The “Rifugio Bassano” which has been managed by the Coletto family since 2002, is open all year round but closed on Tuesdays November-April. The cuisine is typical of the Veneto region and you can always find "sopressa mushrooms and polenta", "fetuccine alla boscaiola", "gnocchi with malga cheeses", " bigoli with venison", " veal bites" and "baked potatoes".

The refuge does not allow overnight stays. The kitchen opens at midday, whilst in the evening reservation is required. The bar is open all day.

  • Rifugio Bassano - Cima Grappa

    • Mixed party appetizer
    • Cooked salami with polenta and flakes of seasoned cheese

  • Rifugio Bassano - Cima Grappa

    • Basket of parmesan cheese with gnocchi with malga and blueberry cheeses
    • Pumpkin soup with goat cheese and pistachios
    • Tortellini in Capon Broth
    • Sedanini with chestnut and ricotta cream
    • Bigoli al torchio with Cervo ragout
    • Baked lasagna with Trevigiano Radicchio, Gorgonzola and walnuts
    • Baked lasagna with pumpkin, porcini mushrooms and sausage
    • Homemade pappardelle with wild boar ragù

  • Rifugio Bassano - Cima Grappa

    • Vicenza-style cod with polenta
    • Mixed boiled with mashed potatoes and three kinds of sauces
    • Turkey roll stuffed with pumpkin, mushrooms and bacon
    • Wild boar stew with chestnuts and polenta
    • Grilled free-range chicken with polenta
    • Venison stew with mushrooms and polenta
    • Pork shank with polenta
    • Grilled sausages with mushrooms and polenta
    • Soppressa, polenta, mixed forest mushrooms and Malga cheese
    • Veal bites with mushrooms and polenta
    • Porchetta from the house cooked in the oven with polenta and grilled peroni

  • Rifugio Bassano - Cima Grappa

    • Grandma's cake
    • Chocolate Sacher Torte
    • Apple Strudel
    • Homemade Apple pie
    • Jam tart with wild berries
    • Pears and chocolate
    • Tart with mascarpone cream and fresh fruit

Animals are not admitted in the restaurant. Animals are admitted only in the packed lunch room.